About our Farm

Fairhaven Farm is located 25 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota on a beautiful patch of earth surrounded by forests, rivers and lakes. On our 27-acre organic farmstead we grow fresh vegetables, herbs, microgreens and flowers and serve the city of Duluth and its surrounding communities. We also bake bread and pizza in our wood-fired oven. Fairhaven Farm is owned and operated by John and Emily Beaton. Together they strive to create a happy, healthy community in an environment of shared abundance and beauty.

A Place to Call Home

There have been many significant changes for us in the past few years.... We have not only found each other, but we’ve also found the farm of our dreams and have decided to make it our home. We’ve left our apartment (and urban farming locations) in the city and have immersed ourselves in rural farm life. Together, with Emily's parents, we purchased the farm in July of 2017 from a retiring organic vegetable farmer. We are excited to continue the legacy that she left for us. The farm has been well-cared for and was equipped with some existing infrastructure that has allowed us to jump right in and start growing. We are so grateful for a place to call home and look forward to being stewards on this land for many years to come. 


Our Offerings

Farm Shares: Each season we offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm Shares to folks who want direct access to fresh, high-quality, organic and locally-grown food. We are sold out of Summer Vegetable Shares (half and full-size) and Artisan Bread Shares for the 2019 season. Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list for next season or check back in January next year.

Greenhouse Plants: We grow a variety of vegetable, herb and flower seedlings for the home gardener. This season, get all your starter plants for your garden directly from our greenhouse or look for us at Whole Foods Co-op!

Microgreens & Specialty Products:  We offer a unique selection of specialty products to select wholesale accounts such as microgreens, salad mixes, herbs and edible flower garnishes. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our wholesale accounts.

Flowers:  We grow and arrange beautiful flowers for weddings, special occasions and events. We specialize in unique arrangements using seasonal, organic, locally-grown and wild-harvested flowers. Give us a call to book your event today!

Please contact us if you have any questions or add yourself to our mailing list below to stay in the loop about all of our farm offerings.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We are all connected.

  2. If we support and respect the earth (soil, plants and all living beings) the earth will support us.

  3. Our health and happiness depends on what we consume (or don't consume).

  4. Food should not be mere sustenance — food should be nourishing and beautiful and should taste good too.

  5. Food should be cooked with butter and love and enjoyed — slowly — with friends and family.

  6. Flowers are always a good idea.